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The art exhibition presents the Coronavirus Pandemic. A reality that is presented through photographs and objects that are evidence of everyday life in the era of COVID19. The artists present to the public their own testimony and their own works, creating memories where the viewer is confronted with the social, economic and political conditions that this pandemic has created.

The project aims to show the reality that Coronavirus has caused in society, through the conditions of confinement. In the economy, through the suspension of operations and the closure of businesses. In the area of ​​health due to increasing cases and deaths. Through this exhibition, a discharge of psychology is created on the one hand by the artists and on the other hand by the spectators, who come closer with a common denominator. Creating a sense of collectivity and solidarity for the situation we all experience.


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Art curator: Susana Tsigkrimani

Susana Tsigkrimani is a Museologist-Museographer and Exhibition Designer. Graduated from the University of Patras in the Department of Museology and holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Policy and Development of the Open University of Cyprus.
She has worked at the Numismatic Museum of Athens and the Elias Lalaouni Jewelry Museum. She has taken part in exhibitions with the main responsibilities of designing exhibitions and carrying out museum-pedagogical programs as well as responsible for events and communication with the public and cultural institutions. She has taken part in the Olympia Film Festival, participating for four years in the jury of short and feature films as well as in film production and processing workshops. In addition, she has participated in University of Athens seminars related to Museum Education and Museum Pedagogy. Finally, she has collaborated with artists, archaeologists, conservators, exhibition curators and art historians in the context of handling and designing exhibitions.

Curator: Susana Tsigkrimani

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