Happy Days

in the midst of a pandemic

Reality’s perception has changed, and all things mattered were suddenly kept outside our doorsteps. According to the official directive, anything welcomed inside had to be disinfected and sterilized so as to enter a now non familiar environment. The only free and constant access was given to the news. Numbers rising, percentages, parody hopes, proclamations on how many masks people are forced to wear simultaneously, and annoying sounds from mobiles informing everyone on a reality happening somewhere else. Facial features were hidden behind salvation masks and identities were getting ripped off. Noone is working, meeting loved ones, enjoying art.

In the meantime, certain windows have their lights on and Time plays with Creativity and exploration of the Ego. Artists from all over the world experienced similar feelings and they now communicate their Happy Days in the midst of a pandemic. With chaotic creations, like Pacholec who seeks solutions, collages that allow an insight in free association, like Krishnan’s, or even with her own “Denial” expression, like Zoi’s, a painter well inspired by Modernism, artists find their ways to address those feelings.

Isolation, a double-edged sword, challenged Lozano to face the “internal violence” that tormented her, and loneliness led Leino on a journey that made her house’s interior and her daily routines now seem strange and bizarre. In a similar balancing between reality and emotions (maybe even impressions), the colors and abstract shapes of Skoulaxinou form portraits with dynamic characteristics, which in the “outside” life suffocate behind a mask with cheerful patterns.

Vivoda defined her mental space as a home, deciding to move away from the typical interior of her own house. From that place, she managed to retrieve fragments of memory by consolidating and redefining her shelter, as did Alonso, who, although “Τrapped”, using elements from nature she creates airy but dynamic beings capable of taking care of the home, regardless of how it is defined. Finally, the colors of Stavropoulos escaped from his hands and acquired an
autonomous life, became prophetic, and nature, more necessary than ever, is on fire as a(n) (un)natural consequence of the pandemic.

The artists’ Happy Days in the midst of a pandemic were filled with a need that transported them from reality to their art and emotions. The exhibition’s approach is the apparent role of art: Outbreak or sanctuary, provocative or sacred, with ambiguous semiology or raw realism, Elytis will always be perpetual:

If Spring didn’t exist, you’d have to make it.
Yes, you’d make it.
With those colors that signify harmony.
And with those words that profess a new beginning.

by Lina Tsioli


 Silvia Cristobal Alonso

 Christina Zoi

 Sanchana Krishnan  

 Vilma Leino

 Beatriz Montes Lozano

 Pawel Pacholec

 Iliana Skoulaxinou

 Miltiadis Stavropoulos

 Ana Vivoda


Address: Pocket Star Gallery Lycabettus, Gerostathi 1 Lycabettus

Duration: 1 – 10 September

Opening: Wednesday 1 September 19.00 – 21.00

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 18.00 – 21.00

Entry Free

Curation: Lina Tsioli

Organisation & Production: Culture365